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Solar Hot Water Systems

Installing a Solar Hot Water Heating System enables you to benefit from 'free' and 'green' energy to provide between 60% and 70% of your hot water requirement during the year.

White's Solar can help you reduce your carbon footprint and reduce your water heating bills by providing a customised solar water heating system that matches your requirements. The Solar Hot Water Systems installed by White’s Solar are totally bespoke to meet the customers exact needs as every customer is different. Installation costs can vary significantly depending on the customer requirements, however typical domestic installations cost between £2400 and £4000.



As shown in the drawing above a Solar Water Heating Systems comprises of 4 main parts:

Solar Collector PanelThis is usually mounted on the roof of the premises facing a southerly aspect, although more complex systems can be installed in an East / West configuration.

Hot Water Cylinder / Storage TankThis is used to hold the water that will be heated for use, and is usually heated by both the pumped solar circuit and a regular boiler or immersion heater.

Pumped Hydraulic (water) SystemThis is a series of copper pipes, similar to that used in normal domestic plumbing systems, that connect the solar collector to the hot water cylinder and transfers the heat from it via water in the pipes to the cylinder. This is a sealed circuit (usually pumped) that is separate from the hot water in the Cylinder.

Electrical Control SystemThis consists of a controller, pump and several sensors to control the transfer of heat from the collector to the cylinder