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Solar Photovoltaic's

Solar Photovoltaic’s work by converting the suns energy into electricity. This electricity can then be used to power your home, caravan, or holiday house. Contrary to popular belief, Solar P.V. works very well in the UK particularly in the South West of England and South Wales.

There are two main types of Solar Photovoltaic (P.V.) systems:

1.Off Grid: The solar panels are connected to a battery bank and charge the batteries when the sun is out. This can vary from a simple 12 Volt Direct Current system to a system which has devices to convert the 12 Volt Direct Current into 240 Volt Alternating Current (household) which can then be used to power normal domestic appliances.

2. Grid Connected (or Grid Tied): The Solar Panels are connected to a special Grid Tie inverter which connects the Solar energy to the household electrics and the National Grid.

Solar PV systems to generate the electricity demand of a typical household are still relatively expensive (in comparison to Solar Hot Water Systems). However recent and forthcoming legislative changes will mean that people (and businesses) who produce their own energy will be entitled to a government funded payment for this energy. This payment may be as much as 30 pence per unit they produce (currently consumers in the UK are charged around 14 pence for each unit they use). It is conceivable unter the new tariffs being discussed that consumers could actually be paid double the amount for the energy they produce that what they are charged for its use.

In the near future White's Solar will be offering design and installation of these services